Most currently buried water pipes are made of copper or other metals. While rust-proof metal used to be the best material to use, metal pipes tend to develop leaks around the joints and can corrode after long periods of use. Due to metal’s tendency to degrade, some municipal codes allow for up to a gallon of water leakage before a pipe needs to be replaced.

PVC piping, on the other hand, does not corrode, can be cut and drilled to precisely match the needs of where it will be placed and distributed more efficiently than metal. The water running through the pipes will not be contaminated by contact with the ground because PVC flexes more and lasts longer than metal pipes. It is also non-conductive and an excellent insulator because it lowers the fire risk from electrical hazards, keeps water at the correct temperature, and reduces energy bills.

Low cost, durability, and ease of installation make PVC an excellent, green choice when piping your construction projects.

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