A strong foundation is essential to any building project. When it comes to luxury building, only the best will do. Panache stays ahead of the curve, using the latest in sturdy, environmentally conscious construction materials in the creation of our properties, and the foundation is the first step.

Concrete has long been the go-to material for foundation construction, but building the entire foundation out of concrete can cause problems in your properties’ future. Concrete, while cost-effective in the short term, is a poor insulator by itself and often increases heating and air-conditioning costs: a single pane of glass is a better insulator than a full inch of solid concrete. Heat, cold, rain, and other conditions wear down exposed concrete over time.

Material science has come a long way, and new material has proven its worth in construction projects: plastic. Two innovative new answers to concrete’s problems, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), make use of a durable and low-cost plastic called polystyrene.

According to the Insulating Concrete Form Association, properties built with these new foundational materials can expect to save hundreds of dollars per year on energy bills, reducing the size of their heating and cooling equipment and lowering their impact on the environment. As a bonus, SIPs don’t fall victim to the same weathering fatigue as concrete. The original foundation will resist degradation caused by wind, rain, snow, heat, earthquakes, or anything else nature can throw at it, keeping your investment safe. The advantages don’t end there. Since the foundation is stronger, less material is required to build the support structure for the rest of the property.

Structures built with SIPs require an average of 35% less lumber during construction, and since the material is malleable, it can be shaped more accurately than concrete.

Fewer materials mean less waste and more design freedom. The safety, style, and savings of green foundation options make them a clear-cut winner for those who want the best for their property.

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