The requirements of medical buildings and hospitals become more complex and technology-driving, requiring deeper levels of specific expertise. With a focus on comprehensive healthcare, Panache always keeps the end users in mind – patients of all ages with their families, doctors and caregivers, scientists and researchers, teachers and more. We understand the many ways in which the healthcare environment – both during and after construction — affects successful patient outcomes.


Rooted in the expertise of multifamily developments, Panache’s successful multifamily projects create places people want and care about, and provide value for security holders and the broader community. By applying decades of real estate experience to this growing sector, we have created strong results for our project partners and investors.


Industrial real estate makes the global economy hum. High-quality, well-located industrial real estate keeps the world’s supply chains functioning by bringing products from makers to markets. Trade, consumption, e-commerce, and supply chain reconfiguration—all of which are on the rise—are critical drivers behind the increasing demand for industrial real estate. In turn, investors look to industrial real estate to provide reliable cash flow and resilient valuations. In today’s developing economy, many companies are upgrading from smaller, outdated industrial facilities to newer, larger industrial buildings with modern features and advancements to match their businesses. With new consumer markets emerging daily and a rise in same-day and next-day delivery, companies are adjusting segments of their supply chains, increasing the demand for modern industrial real estate facilities in advantageous locations.