User-Focused Design

We believe that successful design begins with researching and understanding users, allowing for the creation of dynamic yet functional enriched spaces. From concept to execution, Panache prides itself on creating environments that connect people, business, and community.

Collaborative Planning

At Panache, we know that innovative projects grow from thoughtful and intentional planning. From real estate and market assessments to strategic site evaluations, benchmarking, and more, we ensure long-term project success through careful consideration of each phase of the project life cycle. With the full scope of the project at the forefront, we remain flexible to changing project requirements while prioritizing sustainable solutions and minimizing waste.

Project Management

From the moment the project is proposed, Panache develops a strategy to create the highest quality product while organizing and facilitating all aspects of development. On time, under budget, and exceeding expectations: That is our mission. We understand that successful projects rely on continuing communication and collaboration.

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Each project is designed in real time as the build takes place, with innovative methods of planning-centered construction and a focus on continuous teamwork and collaboration. Panache acts as a single point of contact to work with clients, designers, engineers, and contractors to refine the budget and streamline the schedule while incorporating new client requirements and ideas.

Sustainable Building

Panache organizes a team of skilled professionals who are best suited to the project at hand, all selected based on project-relevant experience. We adhere to the strict requirements of LEED accreditation, promising sustainable and environmentally conscious building practices. Constructing green workspaces means lower utility costs in the future thanks to architectural features designed to offset electrical prices, conserve water, and minimize heating and cooling needs.

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Automation Technology

Technology is rapidly evolving in all sectors, and as algorithms and automated systems become increasingly commonplace, the traditional office environment is adapting to keep up.  Workplaces are incorporating these new technologies into their existing models, creating spaces that are as comfortable and profitable as possible while embracing the exciting changes technology can offer.

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Post-Construction Transition

No matter the job, Panache strives to form meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients from the moment the work is brought to us to well after construction has finished, providing services throughout the life-cycle of your project. Through assistance with contract negotiations, FF&E procurement, move coordination and more, our comprehensive services don’t stop where construction ends.