Residential Services & Practices
Panache makes dream homes a reality. See our portfolio to see how Panache has made this happen.

Residential Services & Practices

Panache ensures beauty in detail. We believe architecture, construction, and design must be in concert to create order and harmony. A gentle turn of the grand staircase, sweeping views of a lake from your patio, bay windows streaming afternoon sun to hardwood floors — everything is considered and refined to perfect the design and construction of your home. Challenging conventions, we don’t just build houses. A strong relationship is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our in-depth Custom Care program provides concierge services free of charge for as long as you own your home — everything from landscaping and pool service to lighting and thermostat maintenance. A master plan designed and tailored to your schedule and needs.

We are a new generation of experienced professionals who take pride in the creation of exemplary and unique homes. As a full-service Master builder, we have a wide pool of expert talent from which to assemble a world-class team: architects, landscape artists, planners, colorists, interior designers, acoustic engineers — all masters of their crafts and ready to breathe color and life into a homeowner’s vision.

Because so much goes into a great home, building it is just part of the process. We create a timeline that works within the owner’s parameters, provide accounting services with our on-staff CPA, and offer daily walk-throughs, document management, and personal meetings on the homeowner’s schedule. Want to see streaming video of your home while it’s being built? We can do that too.

Our commitment to excellence results in homes that reflect quality and distinction. Panache is dedicated to providing the best service and finest product possible. We promise that your custom home will be perfectly tailored to your needs, and Panache will be there every step of the way to make the process as refined and customized as your home.

Concierge Services

Our services don’t end when your home is completed. Our one-of-a-kind Concierge Service offers professional, dedicated personnel who will handle everything from repairing a broken window to decorating for the holidays. Panache will assemble a responsive team who, for three years after construction ends, will handle landscaping, pool care, seasonal inspections, home opening and closing, and anything else that will make you and your home more comfortable, safe, and happy.

  • Contract management
  • Holiday decorations
  • Landscaping services
  • Pool care
  • Seasonal inspections
  • Home opening and closing

This customized 5-star, white-glove service will see to all homeowner needs. Shuttle services; interior and exterior cleaning; auto services and detailing; lighting, thermostat, and irrigation adjustments; refuse management; pest control — anything you need, we can handle. Panache meets with all of our clients to determine the fully personalized plan that will suit you best, adapting to your particular lifestyle and requirements with no hidden charges and no extra cost. Our Concierge Services are provided for free for three years as part of our inclusive development model, even transferring between owners if you decide to leave your home.

Panache is dedicated to going above and beyond to serve the needs of our clients. We strive to create spaces and environments that serve the needs of the client, not the other way around. Incomparable service and unmistakable passion for excellence: Those are our goals.

LEED Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program sets out strict guidelines and building standards for environmentally conscious building practices. By futureproofing our construction, Panache ensures lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint while incorporating new and exciting green technologies into each of our projects.

LEED Certification

Home Theaters

By taking our clients’ needs and wishes into account, Panache promises a gorgeous and functional space that you can enjoy at all hours of the day. Because of the complexity involved in constructing a custom home theater, we and our designers assist the homeowner throughout the design and construction process.

Home Theaters

Residential Lighting

Lighting is the most essential element in the decoration of a home. When done properly, no one will notice the lighting itself — they will be blown away by the gorgeous use of color in your home, by the subtle texturing of the finishes, and by the open feel of a room. They’ll marvel at how right everything feels as it works together in harmony, each individual piece of the puzzle shining with a brilliance only made possible by the proper application of lighting.


Automation Technology

Panache stays at the cutting edge of new and exciting home technologies to bring you the latest in future-proofed innovation. Panache partners with industry leaders such as Crestron, Lutron, and RTI to bring full control of your home into the palm of your hand.

Automation Technology

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