Residential Lighting

Lighting is the most essential element in the decoration of a home. When done properly, no one will notice the lighting itself — they will be blown away by the gorgeous use of color in your home, by the subtle texturing of the finishes, and by the open feel of a room. They’ll marvel at how right everything feels as it works together in harmony, each individual piece of the puzzle shining with a brilliance only made possible by the proper application of lighting.

Residential Lighting

A home is nothing without a resident. Panache believes that everything in your home should be tailored to fit your needs, and we also recognize that needs change with time. We give you complete control over the lighting in your home. Our single-room solutions take into account the location of the room relative to natural light and can automatically dim and adjust the lights based on the amount of sunlight filtering into the room.

Vacancy sensors automatically detect whether someone is present in the room, turning the lights on and off as needed without any work having to be done, saving you money on your electricity bill, and removing the need for visible switches. Of course, you still have full control over the automation. Through remotes, wall panels, or an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control the lights in any room in your home from anywhere on the planet.

Beauty lies in the details. Natural light has a quality that evokes emotional responses, and daylight behaves differently than artificial light. We model our custom homes’ lighting after the inspiration gained from sunlight. Even interior rooms will appear to be bathed in beautiful, natural light at all times. A house with plenty of windows can’t guarantee a sunny day.

Ligthing Affects

Through proper application of general, task, and accent lighting, the rooms in your home will feel warm and inviting even when the day is at its darkest.

Light illuminates our treasured objects, highlights our favorite colors, and affects our mood, performance, and mental health on a daily basis. Without light, there is no beauty. A lack of light dampens the vitality of a room and undoes the balance created by even the most skilled of interior designers. All three types of lighting should provide the most evenly balanced light and maximum versatility for conversation, reading, accenting a collection of prized objects, or anything else that could be done in a room. Part of this balance also lies behind the scenes: our switches, wall plates, cables, and hardware jacks come in a variety of colors and styles to match your décor.

Panache and our team of experts bring a vitality and therapeutic quality to your home that can only be accomplished through expertly designed lighting. The colors, textures, treasures, and spaces in each of your rooms come to life when illuminated by the lighting systems designed by Panache. Even when the sun has trouble shining, the light in your home will keep you feeling warm.