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May 1, 2020
By Construction News, Ltd.

“When Panache Development & Construction CEO Adam Zarafshani learned about COVID-19, he immediately identified ways to keep his own team safe, and then focused on how his company could help the community.

Panache is working with officials to convert buildings to assist in the crisis, and even offered up a building in one of Panache’s developments for the price of a dollar. Panache mobilized electricians, carpenters, and plumbers to be ready to assist as well. Also, in a joint initiative with Dell Medical School – UT Austin, Panache began formulating and bottling hand sanitizers to donate to first responders.”

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Our COVID-19 Relief Efforts

April 8, 2020
By Panache USA

Panache, developer of TECH 3443 in Austin, TX, is diligently working with officials to convert buildings to assist in the COVID-19 crisis. We’re very proud and thankful of all who are helping!

Our CEO, Adam Zarafshani, has been meeting with local and state officials in a joint effort to combat COVID-19.

We want to extend our gratitude to our partners in this endeavor who have given their time and use of their resources to make this happen. We want to thank Joe LaRocca of Corgan Inc., and his team, and Anthony Martin of Trane, and his team, who have tirelessly worked on this project alongside our development team. It is times like these that you are grateful to work with a professional group of people like this.

Latest updates on COVID-19

March 13, 2020
By Panache USA | Sources cited from CDC

Preserving the health and safety of our team in the face of COVID-19 is our top priority, and we wanted to provide our stakeholders with information to help prevent the spread of the illness, and protect themselves.

We are monitoring daily updates from the City of Austin, State of Texas and the CDC, and acting in accordance with evolving best practices and recommendations. As we continue our regular operations, we would like to provide you with vital information regarding COVID-19.
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Health Updates

Panache Team Building Event

February 10, 2020

Bolstering relationships across the Panache team of architects, engineers, contractors, and staff.

Planning Commission supports request for 400-foot buildings in East Austin

January 21, 2020
By Jessi Deveryns | Austin Monitor

There are not many places in the city where buildings tower 400 feet into the sky. However, there is a chance that the areas of Austin where these skyscrapers are permitted are about to expand.

In a 9-0-1 vote, the Planning Commission recommended the approval of a planned development area combining district on the site of the old Freescale/Motorola Campus at 3443 Ed Bluestein Blvd. Under the proposed development plan, five buildings fronting U.S. Highway 183 will be built up to 400 feet in height. [Read More…]

Journal Profile: Shawna Sieck, a self-starter who illuminates Austin's construction boom

January 17, 2020
By Erin Edgemon | Austin Business Journal

Shawna Sieck is the owner of Legacy Lighting, one of our local partners.

In our regular Journal Profiles, we introduce readers to an important person on the Central Texas business scene. This week it’s Shawna Sieck, a fifth-generation Austinite who has a family connection to President LBJ and a burning desire to fire off emails at 4 a.m. Find out why her company, Legacy Lighting, is a critical one in real estate.

Planning Commission Meeting

January 14, 2020

Watch our latest Austin Planning Commission meeting video here.
In an unprecedented vote, Panache’s 109-acre mixed-use development in up-and-coming East Austin was unanimously approved for building heights of 400’ – the tallest building approval outside of downtown Austin!

Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce

October 5, 2019

Showcasing an innovative development project to the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

ULI Austin: Renewable Energy in Real Estate Panel

September 25, 2019

Bloomberg’s New Energy Outlook predicts that “wind and solar are set to surge to 50 percent of world generation by 2050.” Renewable energy offers real estate developers the opportunity to lower operating expenses and boost revenue by reducing, or in some cases, even eliminating utility expenditures.

The September breakfast explored current trends and technologies in the energy sector and how renewable energies may offer advantages for Texas development. Panelists, including our CEO Adam Zarafshani, shared the newest funding mechanisms, discussed implementation practices and provided a glimpse into what the future holds for renewable energies in the real estate industry.

Media Science Retreat

July 25, 2018

Hosting an annual retreat for the researchers behind innovative media and advertising research projects for high-profile clients, including Facebook, Google, Disney, and more.

Austin Energy Kick-Off Meeting

October 23, 2017

Collaborating with Austin Energy to develop plans for sustainable energy — including solar energy and thermal energy storage — for large-scale commercial projects.