Commercial Services & Practices
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Commercial Services & Practices

Commercial developments are massive undertakings, requiring collaboration between many different contractors, designers, engineers, and architects. Panache is the bridge between these parties and the client, ensuring the project comes in under budget while exceeding expectations. In addition, Panache go to extraordinary measures after the project is completed, negotiating leases and ensuring the project lives up to its full potential.

We offer inclusive, comprehensive services during every stage of a commercial project. Before construction with collaborative planning, during construction with Design-Build methods and sustainable building practices, and after construction by negotiating leases and maintaining client relationships, Panache promises to create an exceptional work environment from the ground up.

With decades of experience and a commitment to efficiency and economy, Panache streamlines the budgets and schedules of commercial projects to save time and money. Our company principals are involved in every project, working closely with contractors and project managers to keep everyone on the same page and ensure the project runs smoothly at all stages.

We promise integrity at every turn, refusing to compromise on accuracy or quality. We will not cut corners and we will strive to complete each project to the absolute best of our abilities, keeping everything under budget and strictly scheduled. Our exceptional team of leaders, designers, engineers, and contractors collaborates with the client continually throughout the process to create spaces of which we are truly proud. No compromises and a commitment to excellence: These are our passions.


From the moment the project is proposed, Panache develops a strategy to create the highest quality product while organizing and facilitating all aspects of project development. On time, under budget, and exceeding expectations: That’s our mission. We ensure all concerns are understood and communicated, and we understand that successful projects rely on continuing collaboration.

During planning and construction, Panache adheres to the strict requirements of LEED accreditation, promising sustainable and environmentally conscious building practices. Constructing green workspaces means lower utility costs in the future thanks to features such as architecture and rooftop gardens designed to reduce direct sun exposure, solar power systems to offset electrical costs, and water collection to subsidize water usage in plumbing systems and water-cool the building to reduce the need for running air conditioning.


After committing to a guaranteed maximum price, Panache organizes a team of skilled professionals who are best suited to the project at hand, all selected based on project-relevant experience. With our focus on relationships and client satisfaction and our proven track record of excellence, we promise to maintain a safe, productive environment for our workers while remaining committed to client satisfaction. Our owner controls the project, managing hands-on at all points, while our team handles the day-to-day operations and adheres to the project schedule.


This innovative method of construction and planning is centered on continuous teamwork and collaboration, each project designed in real time as building takes place. After initial pre-construction planning, Panache acts as a single point of contact to work with clients, designers, engineers, and contractors to refine the budget and streamline the schedule while incorporating the new requirements and ideas of the client. Work and life aren’t static — they’re ever-changing and always evolving, and Panache believes that spaces dedicated to constant development should themselves constantly develop.

We dedicate ourselves to trustworthy practices and commit to accelerated schedules. Because we manage hands-on at all stages of the project, we are able to put the client first and seamlessly integrate changes as soon as they arise while reducing the need for change orders, saving time and money.

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