The core philosophy behind EIGHTFOLD is inspired by “The Noble Eightfold Path”, which is a Buddhist practice meant to enlighten the mind, body, and spirit through a series of tenets: views, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. Panache will bring these ideals to the forefront and create an empowering space where community members will have a sense of growth and consciousness.

Live-Work, Entertainment, and Celebration

Interconnectivity is one of the highest aims of EIGHTFOLD. Panache will craft EIGHTFOLD into a strong, dynamic environment suited for work and leisure. In terms of accommodations, EIGHTFOLD will host mixed residential buildings, artist housing, and studio lofts. Community members will enjoy many cafes, coworking spaces, performance venues, and outdoor markets. When it comes time to find balance and decompress, escape to the Zen gardens, walking trails, exercise facilities, or soak in the living art installations.

The Environment and Organic Farming

Panache is committed to restoring and preserving the natural landscape of the existing area and plans to purpose plots of land for organic farming. The farm will provide fresh produce for local cafes, restaurants, and the onsite farmers’ market. Community members will have easy access to organic, healthy food options. Aside from the commitment to produce resources responsibly in the present, Panache will place a strong emphasis on biotechnology within the project for future returns and developments in the farming sector.

Green Energy and Sustainable Use

Panache strives to make EIGHTFOLD a sustainable and environmentally responsible campus. During the development process, existing landscapes will be preserved and redesigned to respect the natural habitat. New buildings will operated in such a manner to conserve energy, and simultaneously reduce waste and water consumption. Energy will be harnessed from reusable solar, wind, and water sources coupled with technologies such as radiant panels and outdoor air systems. Panache will comply with the highest standards of LEED accreditation to reduce energy costs and prioritize sustainability, reliability, and resiliency.Furthermore, public transportation will be routed throughout the community to reduce campus-wide vehicle emissions. Renewable-powered, electric car charging stations will be available so that conservation extends beyond just the EIGHTFOLD campus.


Health, Medicine, and Wellness

Panache will transform EIGHTFOLD into a leading hub for health, medicine, and wellness research and development. Experts and institutions will have the opportunity to join this collaborative environment and learn different healing modalities from their professional peers including MDs, functional medical doctors, and health coaches. At the edge of Zen Woodlands, “The Holistic Healing Center” will serve as the campus’ primary locale for healthy living and a channel to connect with nature.

Education and Personal Growth

As reflected in the pillars of EIGHTFOLD, growth in every form is one of the most valued objectives in the project. Panache will bring EIGHTFOLD state of the art facilities to ensure growth and success amongst its community members. One of these facilities includes a large theatre housing 180 seats, which can be used for conferences, corporate and public events, seminars, workshops, and training sessions. In addition to collaborative spaces, EIGHTFOLD will offer a number of unique programs catering to progressive, early childhood development, community outreach in the arts and sciences, and international, professional development for large industries.

Cultural Arts and Creativity

Panache will make EIGHTFOLD a true platform for sharing, celebrating, and creating art. Plazas called “The Arts Bazaar” will weave through the buildings in the complex and display installations from the community to maintain a vibrant, visually stimulating atmosphere. Throughout the complex, there will be plenty of spaces community members can use to bring their visions and ideas to life including co-working spaces, tech labs, makerspaces, and virtual reality technology rooms.

Development Innovation and Technology

Panache envisions EIGHTFOLD as a community at the forefront of innovation and technology where boundaries between disciplines can be crossed in the pursuit of greater advancement and research. With mixed-use tech offices, innovators and entrepreneurs will have to opportunity to meet, work side-by-side, socialize, and learn from one another. Panache will create focused spaces that facilitate productive collaboration and networking.

Yoga and Meditation

Attaining peace of mind often starts with the body. One of the founding principles of EIGHTFOLD is conscious living and healing the body in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Panache will design spaces where community members can retreat, reflect on their inner journeys, and become connected with nature. “The Zen Forest and Garden” and “The Alternative Wellness Center” are calming spaces where individuals can find balance through meditation, yoga, and medicine. World-renowned gurus and professionals will offer classes, workshops, and events to help lead individuals on the path to optimal health.